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REM Taximeters – the UK’s Leader In Taxi Meters, Taxi Radios & Equipment

REM Taximeters is UK’s No.1 taxi meter and taxi equipment supplier. Since 1976, we have strived to supply taxi drivers with top-quality service since and reliable products to support their trade. Established in Uxbridge, West London, REM Taximeters started out as a dealer of just taxi meters, but quickly expanded to meet the additional needs of taxi drivers. We also provide taxi radios, taxi meter fitting and taxi meter repair services.

After merging with EARS Plc., REM Taximeters is now based out of its central London premises. We now produce state of the art taxi meters for sale and aim to ensure that all modern taxis are equipped with reliable and consistent meter technology. 

Thanks to the skills and experience that EARS brings, REM Taximeters now operates a complete design and manufacturing centre, ensuring the highest quality of our taxi meters. With fifteen full-time employees, we now manufacture over one hundred taximeters per day. We have approved a network of professional dealers across the country to represent our range of products which now includes a full set of accessories. Our work has also caught the attention of taxi drivers around the world and we have exported our brand abroad.

We strive to set the quality and reliability standards for taxi meters and high-quality taxi accessories. REM Taximeters is the one-stop-shop for taxi professionals everywhere.

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A1 Taximeters

Dash & Mirror Taxi Cab Meters

REM Taximeters provides several different taxi meters to serve a variety of needs and standards. The flagship taxi meter for sale from REM Taximeters is the A1 Mirror Taxi Meter. Developed in conjunction with EARS Plc., this latest offering comes complete with several features and benefits that professional taxi cab drivers will certainly appreciate. Beyond being easy to fit in your taxi, saving you space, and representing amazing value for your money, these benefits include Automatic roof sign control, Driver control with password, Automatic night tariff switching after 24:00, Digital front panel screen, Cash register compatible and Adaptable to your taxi – whatever the vehicle!

The A1 Mirror Taximeter is also fully compliant with MID specifications and suitable for use in taxis in Northern Ireland. If you are looking for a taxi meter for sale that uses the latest security and automation features to make your job easier and more efficient, explore the A1 Mirror Taximeter at one of our service centres today.

Taxi Accessories UK

Taxi Radio Systems

REM Taximeters also provides all the essential equipment you need for every shift in your taxi to go smoothly. Our Two-Way Radio systems are developed in conjunction with EARS Plc. who have years of experience and expertise in the radio industry. You can choose from digital, analogue, and mobile variants of our two-way radios, and keep your set functioning at its best with our range of spare batteries. We offer a range of products in this category from leading brands including Motorola, Icom, and Tait.

Get in touch with or stop by one of our service centres to see how you could benefit from a two-way radio set, and a variety of other taxi equipment, in your taxi. We will also happily install, test, and service any two-way radios you purchase or hire from us.

Taximeter Repairs

Taxi Meter Repair Team

Beyond selling high-quality taxi products, REM Taximeters is also pleased to provide in-house taxi meter repairs and installations of all equipment. Our fully certified engineers can guarantee friendly and personalized service each time you arrive at one of our service centres. With a large stock of spare parts and accessories on-hand, your taxi equipment will be up and running again in no time at all. If you are in a hurry, you can be sure that our rapid response is available 24 hours per day, every day of the year.

Setting the standard in the taximeter industry has also caught the attention of many high-profile clients. We have been happy to serve our satisfied customers with equipment for the Notting Hill Carnival, Live8, Wimbledon, Razorlight, and many Wembley Stadium concerts. Choosing REM Taximeters will provide you with the same degree of care and attention we have provided for these and many more professional taxi drivers around the world.

Taxi Dash Cams & Accessories

Taxi Cab Dash Cams 

Professional taxi drivers around the UK can now leverage technology to their advantage to ensure a safe and smooth ride for themselves and their passengers. Our Dual Taxi Dash Cams are one of the newest products we offer to provide contemporary taxi drivers with an enhanced level of safety and security.

These dash cams record activity both inside and outside of your taxi to ensure that any accidents or incidents are well-documented. Recording is done constantly and automatically by full 1080p HD resolution cameras with a 140-degree wide-angle lens. Even in low-light environments, the night vision camera technology will capture video up to ten times better than most other dashcam models.

This piece of taxi equipment comes with a safety camera alert. Using a built-in GPS antenna, you will be alerted to any photo-enforced areas of your taxi zone to ensure a safe ride for all. It can be conveniently operated using our mobile app (and built-in Wi-Fi).

Contact REM Taximeters

Since merging with EARS Plc., REM Taximeters has been able to provide unparalleled support and service for taxi drivers throughout the UK. Our team consists of professionals in several fields who all strive to make taxi driving a safer and more efficient experience.

If you want to benefit from the latest advancements in taxi accessories, equipment, and meters for sale, then contact us today to learn more about our extensive selection of high-quality products. Our team of highly trained engineers will be happy to install, program, and repair your taxi equipment quickly and competently. You can be sure that every time you visit us, you will receive a tailored solution to meet your precise requirements.

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