Taxi Dash Cam

REM Taximeters and EARS plc are proud to introduce the newest product in our range of taxi accessories, the Taxi Dash Cam. Our state-of-the-art dashboard camera offers a myriad of useful features including:

  • Safety Camera Alert – Comes standard with a built in GPS antenna which tracks the road and direction of travel to notify the driver of photo enforced areas for safe driving.
  • Road Safety Warning System – Forward collision and lane departure warning system.
  • Front and Rearview Full HD Recording – Image Sensors allow constant front and rearview Full 1080p HD resolution recording during both daytime and nighttime along with a 140-degree wide-angle lens view. This will minimize blind spots to assure recording of all events without fail.
  • Super Night Vision – Ensures that videos recorded by the dash cam in a low light environment, such as a dark alleyway or underground parking lot, are up to 10 times brighter than with most other dash cam models.
  • Time Lapse – Allows for prolonged parking recordings while minimising video playing time.
  • Mobile App – The easy-to-use app provides instant video playbacks as well as controls various device settings.
  • Built-in wifi – In conjunction with the mobile app, this cam enables for live streaming and allows users to save videos to their smartphones.
  • Dual Save – This technology guarantees a backup copy of videos in the internal memory after any incident.