REM 4 Taximeter

REM TaximetersThe REM 4 Taximeter is an all-time classic, reliable taximeter perfect for the concerned taxi driver. This compact British-made taximeter combines microcomputer technology with all the traditional features of other similar taximeters.

REM 4 provides the taxi professional with the essentials for single cab working, yet offers sophisticated contro-land data capture options for complex multi-user operations.
It can be programmed to match British approval requirements.

  • Strong cast alloy case
  • Manual Extras with limit
  • Large bright LED display
  • Fare plus Extras display
  • 5 Illuminated touch keys
  • 7 cancellable running totals
  • Exchangeable master software
  • Adjustable or fixed calibration
  • Tariff or data injection by card
  • Variable display brilliance
  • Test and warning codes
  • Built in 24-hour clock/calendar
  • Manual or auto tariff selection
  • External lamp switching

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