About Us

REM Taximeters was established in 1976 at Uxbridge, West London. Originally REM Taximeters was only a dealer of various taxi products, however after learning from customers about their specific needs the business started to produce its own state-of-the-art taximeters.

It was then that the first REM Taximeter was born. The company expanded to a full design and manufacturing centre reaching 15 full time employees, and manufacturing more than 100 taximeters per day. The company approved a network of professional dealers to represent its range across the U.K. and exported its brand abroad. With the expansion of the business the company also expanded its offering, manufacturing a full range of accessories and providing a one-stop-shop for all taxi professionals.

In November 2010 REM Taximeters merged with EARS Plc, to take the next step and expand business with EARS expertise. Ears plc sells, services, installs and distributes high quality, cost effective two-way radio and tracking equipment. They are one of the leading providers of communication equipment and services in the UK and their products complemented the taximeters business, offering customers a complete turnkey service when they chose a REM Taximeter.

In 2018 REM Taximeters moved to EARS plc’s expanded central London premises.

Dee Barrett-Davies

Managing Director
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Ms. Dee Barrett-Davies was a founding member of EARS plc in 1999, and was appointed as the Managing Director of EARS plc in 2006 and as Managing Director of REM Taximeters in 2009. Since her appointment to REM Taximeters at she has managed to oversee the company’s growth and profits increase dramatically, this has made the business the most efficient company, with the highest capita output in its sector.

She has over 25 years of experience in the Finance, Transport, and Radio Communications Industry. In 2005 she successfully completed the ‘Company Director Leadership Programme’ in Montreal Canada. Dee has recently been awarded a fellowship to the Royal Society of Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce (RSA) with a focus on Enlightenment, Thinking and Force for Social Progress.

Andy Serretiello

Workshop and Installations Manager
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Andy has been working with EARS plc for over fifteen years before joining REM Taximeters when the company combined with EARS plc. He is responsible for the management of our Nationwide Installations, and has worked as an engineer as well as a radio repair and maintenance manager. Andy was educated and certified with the City and Guilds, Electrical and Electronic Servicing Certificate. He also received his HND in electrical engineering in 1980. His expertise and experience in the sector are unparalleled.

Mick Davies

Technical Director
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Michael Barrett-Davies is the Technical Director of EARS plc and was appointed to oversee the development of new products and technology for REM Taximeters in 2009. Mick has been actively involved in the communications Industry since 1982. He has various City and Guilds qualifications and has been awarded membership of the Institute of Engineering & Technology. He has been responsible for the design and implementation of various Voting, Quasi Sync, Data, and VOIP control systems and continues to be extremely customer facing, progressive, and methodical in the design, build and implementation of the company’s bespoke systems.

His previous employment with JFMG Group has given him a valuable insight into broadcast, intermodulation prediction, spectrum management and integration of professional radio and IT systems.

Neil Weston

Dealer Sales Manager
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Neil Weston was working for EARS plc for over five years before joining the REM Taximeters team in 2009. He now oversees Dealer Sales for both organisations. He is responsible for PBR, Telematics and customer care within the UK and Europe. Neil brings over 30 years experience of the industry to the companies. He has had experience distributing equipment for Storno, GE Midland, Repco, Motorola, Standard, Yaesu, Codan, Icom and all other major taximeter distributors.

Siobhan Barrett-Davies

Workshop and Helpdesk Advisor
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Siobhan is the first point of contact for all REM Taximeters queries! She is in her tenth year with the company and is responsible for administration throughout contract and co-ordination of client requests i.e. Service collection/Replacement/Accessory orders.

Siobhan plays a crucial role in the management of some of our largest clients.