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A1 Mirror Taximeter From REM

  • EARS plc presents The A1 From REM:

    Your rear view is now your taximeter.

    Saves space
    Easy to fit
    Amazing Value for money

    The A1 , the latest development of RemTaximeters and Ears Plc, has a series of features and benefits for the concerned and up to date taxi driver:

    Automatic roof sign control Driver control with password
    Automatically passes to night tariff after 24:00 Digital screen front panel
    Compatible with cash register use Compatible with every vehicle in the market

    Now the New Mirror Meter is fully compliant with the MID spec and is suitable for all Taxis in Northern Ireland and will come programmed to with the official NI tariff! Enquire now at 01895 234616 or 02892 665326 or e-mail dee@remtaximeters.com

    Learn more about the A1 Mirror Taximeter. Use three easy, convenient ways to contact us:

    By Phone: 01895 234616



       By E-mail : sales@remtaximeters.com


    Or simply fill out the form below and we will contact you within a business day:



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