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  • Latest News: Now the New Mirror Meter is fully compliant with the MID spec and is suitable for all Taxis in Northern Ireland and will come programmed to with the official NI tariff! Enquire now at 0189 5234 616 or 02892 665326 or e-mail dee@remtaximeters.com. 

    The all time classic, reliable taximeter for the concerned driver

    Backed by 35 years experience, this compact British-made taximeter, The REM 4, combines microcmputer technology with al lthe traditional features.

    REM 4 provides the taxi professional with the essentials for single cab working, yet offers sophisticated contro land data capture options for complex multi-user operations.

    It can be programmed to match British approval requirements.

    Standard features:

    Strong cast alloy case Manual Extras with limit
    Large bright LED display Fare plus Extras display
    5 Illuminated touch keys 7 cancellable running totals
    Exchangeable master software Adjustable or fixed calibration
    Tariff or data injection by card Variable display brilliance
    Test and warning codes Built in 24 hour clock/calendar
    Manual or auto tariff selection External lamp switching

    To receive more information or to book an installation please call us at 0189 5234 616, e-mail us at sales@remtaximeters.com or fill out the following form:

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